Single Database

All In One Place

HART was designed as an integrated system. The core of the system is the single database that consolidates information across every area of your hotel operation. This allows for a centralized and unique guest profile that contains all user interactions with the system.

Why Is This Good?

  • All guest information in one place and visible by all departments
  • Real-time response to guest profile alterations, updating across your hotel to inform staff and reduce wasted time
  • Single itinerary for every individual guest. See all relevant activities such as meals, treatments and golf rounds clearly
  • Cancelled a room booking? HART syncs across departments and cancels all booked guest activities


The Right Option For You

Our commitment is to provide the correct option for each partner. Every property faces different issues and difficulties so we work with you to ensure HART runs smoothly for your business.

We offer the following hosting options:
  • HART Hosted: The HART system is hosted on our servers
  • Partner Hosted: On-site installation for areas with problematic internet or for partners that want to keep their data on their own servers
  • Global Services: HART can be hosted on services such as Azure or Amazon Web Services
  • Intranet: Combining internet technology with maximum security


Already Using Third Party Services?

HART at its core is designed to replace multiple systems and simplify your software requirements. So although the HART system doesn’t use any interfaces for its own components, we do provide interfaces to third-party systems such as:

  • Channel Managers
  • Accounting Systems
  • Room Entertainment Systems
  • Payment Providers
  • Ad-hoc Interfaces

System Requirements

Powerful Solutions, Minimum Hardware

HART PMS and POS applications have been designed to work on the most minimum of hardware requirements and can interact with a wide variety of your hotels existing technical infrastructure including preparation point printers and PDQ machines.

The HART eco-system also includes a number of applications for different systems. Such as:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • iOS
  • Android
  • All Internet Browsers

Have Any Questions About Our Tech?

Speak To Our Specialists

If you have any queries regarding HART's functionality, your system compatibility or HART's possibilities don't hesitate to get in touch or check our FAQ page.