Secondary Engines

Partner Property | The Cookery School, Lainston House

Simplify Operations

Online Pre-registration

Streamline the guest arrival experience with our online pre-registration. Guests can provide essential information, view their itinerary, sign the registration card, and pre-authorise their card in advance, freeing up your reception teams to focus on delivering exceptional service.

Alternately, utilise our online pre-registration with our reception portal for a streamlined check-in experience, replacing traditional paperwork with a digital registration card on arrival.


Ticketed Event Sales

With HART, effortlessly create your event series and instantly make them available online at the click of a button. Guests can easily book their spaces, and reservations and payments seamlessly integrate into your function booking system, enabling you to efficiently manage attendees and track numbers.


Get Creative With Your Guests

Partnering with exceptional properties offering diverse activities in breathtaking locations, we have developed our activities booking engine as part of our fitness module. This tool enables your guests to effortlessly book unforgettable experiences, enhancing their stay with you.

  • Configure as an upsell option in your room confirmations
  • Securely take payment at the time of booking
  • Manage activity occupancy and cancellations easily

Flexible Configuration

Customise To Your Needs

Whether you need an engine for pool bookings, VIP tours or car hire, we've got you covered. Our versatile booking engines are designed to adapt to your specific business needs, providing the flexibility to meet your exact requirements.


Tools for Enhanced Guest Engagement

  • Custom Confirmations

    Edit and tailor the confirmations to meet your specific needs, ensuring a personalised and professional experience for your guests.

  • Pre-Arrival Emails

    Implement scheduled email campaigns to engage with your guests, providing them with upsell opportunities, preparing them for their upcoming stay, and delivering personalised messages to enhance their overall experience.

  • Post-Departure Emails

    Gather valuable insights and enhance guest satisfaction by sending post-departure feedback emails, allowing guests to share their experiences and provide valuable feedback to further improve your services.

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