Secondary Modules

Alongside core modules, HART offers everything you need to run all aspects of your property.


Make Use Of Gift Vouchers To Boost Sales & Bookings

Bid farewell to the duplication of selling vouchers in one system and redeeming them in another. Our platform offers a complete solution, enabling you to create voucher types and categories for convenient in-house and online sales. Once sold, these vouchers can be easily redeemed across all areas of HART, from spa bookings to POS sales and even overnight stays. The system instantly validates and redeems each voucher, ensuring your voucher ledger remains consolidated and up to date at all times.

  • Customisable digital vouchers
  • Single point of redemption
  • HART Engines compatible


Easy Reporting & Housekeeping Scheduling

Paired with our main Front Office module, the housekeeping extension allows you to smoothly manage your daily routines. Create assignment lists, manage deep clean tasks and use the web app to instantly update the room status to clean and report any maintenance issues.

  • Room attendant web app for instant status updates
  • Auto assignment wizard
  • Lost & found app


Keep Your Property First Class

Empower your engineering team with our system, providing instant notifications of pending jobs, smooth management of planned maintenance schedules, and real-time reporting on incident resolution times. With our platform, your engineering team can stay informed and responsive, ensuring swift and effective handling of tasks and maintenance activities. The real-time reporting feature enables you to track incident resolution times, allowing you to assess performance and make data-driven decisions for improved efficiency and guest satisfaction.

Stock Control

Manage Inventory & Stock

When utilising our POS system, the Stock Module becomes an essential tool for efficient inventory management. Seamlessly linking items sold on POS to your stock report enables real-time stock reports, providing you with up-to-date insights. With this module, you can create purchase orders, record deliveries, manage stock movements, and conduct scheduled stock takes, ensuring optimal control over costs and inventory levels.

  • Set stock PAR levels for easy reordering
  • Monitor GP and costs
  • Integrated bar code creator
  • Mobile stock take app


Systematically Control Your Property’s Finances

Say goodbye to the hassle of manually managing different ledgers across multiple systems. Transition to a centralised financial system that consolidates all your finances in one place. With detailed transaction journals, daily revenue reports, and easy creation of reporting streams, you’ll experience a seamless and efficient financial management process. No more headaches or tedious tasks—just a streamlined system that simplifies your financial operations.

  • Export integrations to Sage & Xero
  • Sales ledgers & credit control functions
  • Complete trial balance

Web Apps

Applications To Fine Tune Your Processes

Our range of web apps complements your operations and enables your teams to be more mobile and efficient in their day-to-day tasks. These user-friendly applications are designed to enhance productivity and fast-track your workflows, making your business operations smoother and more effective.

  • Spa medical questionaire
  • Digital check in
  • Member top up

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