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Our Process

How We Introduce HART To Your Property

Our HART team has extensive firsthand experience working in luxury properties worldwide, and we've all been in your shoes, facing the prospect of changing PMS systems. We fully comprehend the challenges and hurdles that come with this transition, which is why we have carefully established processes to ease your worries and concerns.

Step 1

We Get To Know Your Business & Property

After making the decision to integrate HART into your business, we initiate a comprehensive discovery process focused on understanding every detail of your operations. Our primary objective is to tailor our system to suit your specific needs, minimizing the level of change your teams need to undergo.

Step 2

We Agree Your Requirements

We'll prepare a detailed document outlining your precise requirements, encompassing any necessary development and expected timelines. During this process, we'll also address your training and support needs, ensuring a clear understanding of all expectations.

Step 3

We Tailor Our System To Your Needs

Our goal is to be fully aligned with your vision, providing you with a comprehensive roadmap that meets your needs. We start work configuring and building a database which encompasses all key elements of your business.

Step 4

We Integrate HART To Your Property

We will take care of data transfer from your existing systems into HART to minimise the pressure on your business. Extensive training takes place, working with nominate HART champions on site and have a team on site for the week you go live to ensure full confidence within your team.

Step 5

Ongoing Support

Even after successfully transitioning to a stable live property, our dedicated support team will be readily available to answer all your questions and address any queries through our support portal. We understand the importance of ongoing assistance, which is why we offer an extensive training library to help you further and are here to have a chat if you get stuck.

How We Do It

Supporting You Daily

Our support team comprises hospitality professionals with diverse backgrounds and extensive experience in various operational aspects across multiple PMS systems in luxury properties. Each team member has firsthand experience as a customer of HART before joining us, giving them valuable insights to help advance the product and service. With their deep understanding of both the industry and our system, our support team is uniquely equipped to provide you with exceptional assistance and ensure your success with HART.


  • Daily support via our ticketing portal
  • Emergency out of hours support
  • Extensive online training library

Ready To Help

Ongoing Development

Our product is continuously evolving and developing to adapt to the ever-changing hospitality landscape. Each partner property we onboard contributes to the improvement and development of our system for the benefit of all properties. We embrace feedback and insights from our partners to ensure that HART remains at the forefront of industry demands.

As your business evolves, we are eager to discuss new developments that can better serve your needs and the best part is – we do not charge for our development time.

Find Out What We Can Do For You

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