Sleek Design

Encourage Strong Sales

The gift voucher engine is a powerful tool designed to simplify the process of purchasing and distributing gift vouchers. Providing customers with a user-friendly interface and intuitive features makes it easy for them to select and personalise gift vouchers for their loved ones.

Vouchers drop directly into HART for immediate redemption.

360° Control

Effortless Purchasing and Redemption

Fully integrated into our Property Management System, customers can seamlessly purchase and redeem vouchers across all engines and modules of HART. This ensures a smooth and hassle-free process for both customers and businesses, enhancing the overall voucher sales experience and ensuring there are no gaps where voucher redemption can fall through.

Unlock Advanced Voucher Sales

Key Features

Incorporating valuable insights from our Partner Properties, our voucher engine is equipped with all the essential features to significantly boost voucher sales on your website.

  • Fast options management and improved upselling capabilities
  • Straightforward promotional features or discreet sales capabilities
  • Multi voucher and multi destination sales
  • Dynamic e-voucher confirmations

Built Mobile First

This engine was meticulously designed to enhance the mobile experience, allowing guests to effortlessly purchase vouchers on the go, optimising convenience and ease of use.

Why It Makes Sense

An Extension of Vouchers in HART

  • Redemption Made Easy

    Redeem vouchers in any outlet or facility in HART instantly while eliminating human error across multi-systems.

  • Spend Online

    Guests can conveniently redeem vouchers through our booking engines, with real-time value verification during the redemption process.

  • A Central Ledger

    By providing a single location for your voucher ledger, our system simplifies accounting processes and enables easy management of liabilities and revenue from expired vouchers.

Running On HART

A Trusted System