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What if we don't need all the modules?
Absolutely! We tailor HART to match your specific business requirements. If a module isn't necessary for your operations, there's no charge for it. Should you choose to incorporate additional features into HART down the road, we'll seamlessly integrate them as you need them.
How user-friendly is the new PMS? Is there a learning curve for our staff?
HART PMS is user-friendly and we have designed it with a minimal learning curve for your staff. Additionally, our comprehensive training resources and support team ensure a smooth transition and quick adoption of the system.
Can the new PMS integrate with our existing software and systems?
Yes - HART is specifically designed to replace multiple systems and simplify your software requirements. We understand however that you may need to integrate with third-party services. We've already developed interfaces for payment providers, channel managers, marketing and accounting systems, as well as room control interfaces. In case we don't currently support a specific integration you require, as long as there is an API available, we are more than willing to build it for you.
What are the costs involved in implementing and maintaining the new PMS?
The good news is that we do not require large upfront costs. Instead, you pay a monthly Software-as-a-Service fee, eliminating the need to purchase the software outright. Moreover, there are no extra charges for upgrades, user licenses, or installations, ensuring you won't encounter unexpected costs in the future.
How secure is the new PMS in terms of data protection and privacy?
The security of our new PMS is of utmost importance to us. We have implemented robust data protection measures and privacy protocols to safeguard your information. Our system adheres to industry best practices and complies with relevant data protection regulations to ensure that your data remains secure and confidential at all times. You can trust that your sensitive information is in safe hands with our PMS.

Booking Engines

How do the HART booking engines integrate with our website?
Our booking engines utilise deep links, granting you unparalleled flexibility when linking to your website. Just place the URL behind your call-to-action buttons, and you're all set. These deep links ensure that customers land directly on the specific product they were browsing on your website, leading to increased conversion rates.
Is there an option for upselling additional services or amenities during the booking process on the rooms engine?
Yes! The core strength of our rooms engine lies in its inherent integration with all other HART engines. This capability enables customers to book not only their rooms but also dining, spa services, classes, and golf, all as part of a unified and convenient customer journey. It simplifies the booking process, enhances the overall experience, and maximises the range of services available to your guests.
Do we have to take all of the booking engines and how do costs work?
No, you only pay for the booking engines you require for your business. If you prefer to keep using your current booking engines, that's perfectly fine, but you might miss out on the advantages of a unified system. Our engines operate on a monthly flat fee basis, and we don't charge commissions. This approach ensures transparency, allowing you to know precisely where you stand with costs each month.
Can the booking engine handle group bookings and reservations for events?
Yes. We have a number of separate booking engines specifically designed for handling group bookings and ticketed events. Head over to our Secondary Engines page to find out more about how they work.
What level of customisation is there on your engines?
All of our engines are fully adaptable and can be reskinned and reconfigured to seamlessly align with your business identity. Each new feature and option we develop is inherently designed to be customised or easily toggled on or off according to your preferences.


Do HART applications run on MAC?
HART PMS and POS Classic are designed to run on Windows so will not run natively on MacOS. However, with the use of 3rd party virtual machine software (and a Windows licence) you can get it running on MACs. New HARTWeb however can operate on any device with a web browser.
Do I have to upgrade my existing POSs and Printers?
HART POS is a small application and as long as the tills run Windows they need not be upgraded. If the Windows operating system can print to your required Printers, then HART POS will be able to also.
Can HART POS and HART PMS run on a tablet?
Classic PMS and POS can run on any Windows-operated tablet and will function in the same way a normal PC/Laptop/Till would do. If the Tablet runs Android, then we have an Android POS application that will allow you to take orders from it. Apple tablets will be able to run HARTWeb to access PMS and POS functionality.
Does HART have a solution that can reduce the amount of devices I need to carry?
Yes, the CLOVER PDQ marketplace has a HART POS and Payment app. If you have a compatible CLOVER device, then you can take the order and payment from the same device.
What spec does my HART server need to be?
Depending on your Database size, your HART server can be any Windows based machine (that other users on your network can access). This could be a Stand-alone, server, a Micro PC, or even a till. Databases smaller than 10gb will be able to utilise the free Microsoft SQL Express application. Those with a larger Database will need to purchase one of the other versions of SQL.
Do I need to have my own SQL server, or can HART help?
Having your own internal SQL Server boasts many advantages, from increased speeds to added security, but HART can also offer a hosted cloud service.
Does HART run on any other type of SQL database (PostgreSQL, MySQL etc)?
Unfortunately, no, the HART applications are designed around the Microsoft SQL standards and although SQL is standardised, in practice each vendor has their own variations on the language , so rather than try and compensate for all of them, we use the market leader.

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