• SB
    Spyros Botsis

    The Brain

    The Founder and Director of HART, of course he’s been part of the team since the very beginning - when it was just an...

  • MM
    Marijke Morris

    The Muse

    Marijke joined the HART team in 2019 as Organisations & Operations Manager but previously worked with HART at our...

  • MD
    Marc Dorney

    Solutions Saviour

    Marc has only been with us since January 2022, however has over 5 years experience using...

  • JP
    Jamie Powell

    WBE Wizard

    Jamie joined HART from our partners Stoke by Nayland in May 2019 and has really helped push and maintain our Web...

  • GP
    Georgia Pantazi

    POS Practitioner

    Georgia joined HART in 2018 but has worked with HART and HART’s ancestors for many years prior...

  • AY
    Anna Young

    Support Hero

    Part of the HART Family since 2019, Anna focuses on the support and training of our partners on all things...

  • MW
    Maren Webb

    Queen of HARTs

    Maren is a HART Expert, focusing on system support, training and helping out the rest of the team with HART related...

  • CB
    Christiana Botsi

    Happiness Engineer

    Christiana grew up in Greece and has a help-first mentality, titled by the rest of the team as our ‘Happiness...

  • GO
    Gerald Oakham

    Technical Jedi

    Gerald is our very own I.T. “fixer of things”, focusing on remote assistance from fixing printers to installing...