Membership Module

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Easy Rate Plans

Flexible Membership Types

With HART, you can effortlessly establish multiple membership categories tailored to various aspects of your business, each containing diverse membership types. Set up rate plans that renew annually or through convenient monthly direct debit options. HART ensures financial control by automatically recognising revenue from annual memberships on a monthly basis, streamlining your financial management and making membership administration a breeze.


Track & Reward

With centralised reporting and a unified guest profile, tracking facility usage and member loyalty over time becomes a piece of cake. Recognise and reward high spenders while creating dynamic discounts in the POS for different membership types, all seamlessly linked to a convenient guest levy card. Members can easily top up their cards, encouraging additional spending and enhancing the overall member experience.

Access Control

Manage Guest Bookings

Whether you need to set members-only tee times, manage peak and off-peak fitness memberships, or control access to changing rooms and members' areas, HART is here to support you. Our system offers easy control configuration in the back end and a variety of interfaces to assist you in your day-to-day management of member movement.

HART Engines

Membership Online

Experience a flawless membership journey with HART’s array of online engines. Enjoy a complete digital sign-up process, access member apps for easy management, and book classes in just a few clicks. Our comprehensive suite of online tools is designed to support every aspect of your membership experience, making it smooth, convenient, and hassle-free.