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Front Office

Room Reservations and Houskeeping Management

At the heart of HART lies the Front Office Management module, which acts as the central hub connecting all other areas of your operation. This powerful module enables seamless integration of customer bookings, combining overnight stays, dining reservations, spa appointments, and other facility bookings into a single, unified experience.

  • Guest experience metrics
  • Housekeeping & maintenance management
  • Unified booking hub

Food & Beverage

POS & Restaurant Diaries

From web booking to restaurant diary to POS. Our restaurant diaries and point of sales work in unison to ensure all the information you need is in the right place at the right time.

  • Control bookings, close out dates and table utilisation
  • Highlight allergies from booking to order taking
  • Links with stock module for inventory control
  • Detailed real-time reporting


Function Management

Manage your functions, events and group bookings with ease. Utilising the HART sales module you can create rooming lists, function sheets, proformas and manage you sales activity alongside booking out facilities and creating attendee lists.

  • Built in CRM and activites tracker
  • Seamless integration of rooms and facilities
  • Function diary with availability wizard
  • Advanced segmentation reporting

HART Skills

Empowering Your Team With HART

HART provides targeted support to leaders across your business, equipping them with the necessary skills and tools to excel in their respective areas of expertise.

Revenue Management

Financial Control

Leisure & Membership Administration


Guest Relations

Sales Pipeline

Housekeeping & Maintenance

F&B Management & Inventory Control


Spa & Gym Managment

Whether you operate a small-scale spa or a comprehensive day spa with multiple treatment rooms, a gym, and a thriving membership base, our leisure module is designed to adapt to your specific requirements. It can be easily scaled up or down to accommodate the size and complexity of your leisure operations.

  • Spa diary with integrated spa days functionality
  • Retail and therapist referral capabilities
  • Classes management
  • Dynamic links to members module for utilisation control


Golf Course Management

Designed to streamline tee time management, optimize course utilisation, and enhance the overall golfing experience for players and staff alike.

  • Manage member vs visitor availability
  • Dynamic pricing
  • Buggy inventory control
  • Golf Day Bookings


Give Customers The Opportunity To Join An Exclusive Club

Our versatile membership module can be used to manage busy members clubs, community loyalty programs or even VIP clubs. Easily create membership types and categories, set up payments, export direct debits and apply automatic member discounts using levy cards.

  • Automatic financials creation
  • Direct Debit reporting functionality
  • Levy Card integration
  • Powerful reporting

Secondary Modules

Streamline, Simplify, Consolidate

In addition to our core modules, HART contains a host of additional modules and features to help manage your property. Stock Control, Order at Table, and Mobile POS all make up the full compliment of HART products.

How Modules Work

Tailored Solutions for Your Business

At HART, we believe in providing flexible solutions that fit your unique needs. As part of our onboarding process, we take the time to understand your operational requirements and create a customized version of HART specifically for you. This means you only pay for the modules you use, ensuring cost-effectiveness and maximizing the value you receive from our system.

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