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Front Office


The front office module in HART exemplifies the power of a single database. By integrating all facility modules into one user-friendly booking screen, there’s no need to toggle between different systems or transfer guest calls between departments.


  • Easy guest itinerary creation
  • Single confirmation process
  • Cancel all auxillarybookings automatically if a room cancels

PCI Compliant with Integrated Tokenisation

Single Guest Profile

Group Functionality

Dynamic Room Rack Capability

Blended Desktop and App Modules

Enhanced Communications

Multi-Device Management

HART apps and modules fuse together on different devices to provide real-time communication updates across your business. Whether you’re using the housekeeping app on your mobile device to update room statuses to “clean” or accessing the desktop version to manage room allocations, the real-time synchronization ensures that the reception team instantly sees the updated status on the room rack.

HART Engines

Enhance your booking capabilities with the seamless integration of the HART Rooms Engine, perfectly complementing this module. With its multi-facility booking capabilities, our robust booking engine empowers you to maximize the full potential of HART.

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Restaurant & Spa Bookings

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  • Billing Made Easy

    Instantly retrieve POS dockets and review transaction details, ensuring quick resolution of any billing queries.

  • Terminal Integration

    Experience seamless checkouts with integrated reception PDQs for quick and hassle-free payment processing.

  • Guest Insights

    Harness the power of interactive reports to gain valuable insights into guest behavior, preferences, and trends, enabling you to make informed decisions and enhance guest satisfaction.

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