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A premium golfing experience designed and built over six years by legendary golf architect, Bob Harrison. Using the natural Hebridean landscape, Bob created one of the best golf courses in the UK, calling golf enthusiasts from all over the world for a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

The 18-hole course is sculpted into the Jura shoreline at the island’s southern tip.

Accommodation at Ardfin comes in two forms, Jura House is available on an exclusive use basis for a minimum of three night stays of up to twenty guests. For smaller groups or individuals, the Quads has 13 unique bedrooms to offer.

To eat there is a casual dining experience with locally sourced produce such as salmon, grilled lobster and chargrilled venison steaks. There is also a more formal experience at The Ceilidh Barn for those who enjoy a more set menu.

Ardfin has been part of the HART family since 2019.

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